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The George Pegg

The George Pegg Botanic Garden is located near Glenevis,AB and has been a provincial historic site for several decades. For more than two decades, M & H has been honored with the restoration of this piece of Alberta's history. Nearly twenty-five years ago, this log homestead was a derelict structure in desperate need of repair. At that time, M & H was contracted to stabilize and improve the integrity of the structure. This project included, but was not limited to log replacement, subfloor reinforcement, raising the building and installing the pile and grade beam foundation, hand excavating the cellar and pouring additional floor support pads. We replaced and repaired the porch framing, replaced the porch floor system, matched and replaced the clapboard siding on the porch. We also added fieldstone to the foundation wall. Over the years, the patrons of the Pegg Botanic Garden have continued the upkeep and repair on the log structure. Tours of the building are offered to showcase the traditional characteristics of an early 1900's farm home. Our most recent restoration contract was to replace logs in the west wall that were sound 25 years ago and have since degraded. We also addressed the repair work needed to the cedar shingles on the west gable where woodpeckers have caused damage. As the photos show, with this small investment in log replacement, this building will be prepared for many more decades of Alberta climate and other elements capable of damaging timber structures. Some of our modern preservatives, standard to M & H projects are likely to prevent decay in exposed areas for most of this century. The timbers in this log home were left uncoated along with the log replacements to maintain authenticity. In several years, the newest timbers will acquire a patina similar to the historic materials of this structure. For more information regarding this historic site, please visit and view how the interior of this building could easily be brought to a contemporary look, demonstrating the timelessness of solid timber construction.