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Log Home Builder Serving Alberta Canada

M & H Wood Specialties Ltd is Alberta’s premier log home builder. A leader in creating handcrafted custom log homes from concept to lockup. With more than thirty years’ experience constructing custom log homes, restoring and refinishing log structures worldwide, we continue to build on our legacy of satisfied customers.

At M & H, we understand that building a new log home isn’t just one of the largest financial investments you will make in your lifetime. It is also a decision that will impact you and your family for many years to come. Our team of knowledgeable experts will assist you in the design and construction of your log home. We will educate you, the buyer, on the differences of each style and type of log home to assist you in choosing the best design for your lifestyle and budget.

If you imagine your custom log home with a traditional look, then full scribe may be the style of structure for you. Full scribe fit log homes are energy efficient and can withstand extreme weather conditions. With careful selection, M & H crafts each log in our yard with precision to provide a tight fit. Your log home will naturally hold the heat in during the long winter months while providing a cooler atmosphere in the summer. A scribe fit log home will take time to settle. As the logs dry, they will shrink and adjust, but a properly built, fitted home by M & H’s will make maintenance easier.

Post and beam is another option in creating a custom log home. One of the most popular styles of timber homes, post and beam provides a natural log surface using fewer logs than a full scribe resulting in more conventional surfaces and less natural timber showing. M & H post and beam custom builds are flexible and consist of round vertical posts that hold large horizontal logs at the top of your structure, giving a more subtle look and feel of log work.

Another option M & H provides, which is similar to post and beam, is a timber frame custom log home. The most obvious distinction is the logs are made into a square cut rather than natural round which you see in post and beam. Timber frame is a more modern take on log home style and design.

Whether your creative ideas move toward one of the above mentioned styles or a hybrid blend of all three, M & H will work with you to create the ideal home that best fits your vision.

M & H is a unique business in that we don’t just build your log home. We are with you over the years to maintain, add to your structure or create additional structures.

M & H is committed to maintaining all timber structures. We continue to be a leader in the restoration and refinish of historic sites and original homesteads all over Canada. We repair/replace the most extreme rot and log damage. Everything from refinishing faded and weather damaged exteriors to deep structural logwork that has suffered extreme exposure and suffered the ravages of time. Our technique of blending and color matching creates the quality expected in the restoration and refinishing of all timber structures. Our use of natural timbers are pre-cut and used for both structural and esthetically pleasing purposes in both historic and modern structures.

M & H’s dedicated and knowledgeable staff design and engineer each of our structures, taking special consideration of the environmental conditions of the area you are considering for your log home.

Whether you are looking to build your log home in Canada, the United States or Internationally, M & H’s borate treated wood and structurally sound elements are capable of withstanding anything from insect issues to climate change.

We support our design and refinishing solutions with a complete line of log home care products that we use on all our timber structures and log accents, so M & H can offer hands on advice for any timber DIY projects as well.

If you are looking for inspiration, have a look at our gallery and recent projects. Check out our floor plans to assist you in visualizing your completed custom log home. Learn more about M & H’s 10-stage building process or read useful articles about the timber industry under our about us tab. When you are ready to see your dreams materialize into your custom log home, contact us and together we will turn your dream into reality.

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